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Dogs with chronic ear infections often are infected by bacteria that can produce biofilms, a community of bacteria surrounded by a slimy protective coating that makes it difficult for drugs to reach their target. Bacteria-shielding biofilms are challenging to treat with antibiotics, highlighting the need for more effective treatments. Researchers will conduct a clinical trial in dogs with bacterial ear infections to evaluate a novel adjunct treatment. This treatment shows promise in breaking through the biofilms’ protective surface and killing bacteria in both a laboratory setting and in a variety of mammal species. One group of study dogs will be treated with standard-of-care antibiotics and a placebo. The other group will receive standard-of-care antibiotics with the addition of the novel adjunct treatment. Findings on the two groups will provide valuable data on the efficacy of the new treatment to clear dogs with ear infections complicated by biofilms. 

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
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United States
Tessa LeCuyer, DVM, PhD