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Equine Studies

Veterinary Advances for Horses

Since 1959, we have invested over $22.5 million in more than 630 equine health studies. We’ve contributed to the development of genetic screening tests for multiple equine diseases, including combined immunodeficiency disease, equine type I polysaccharide storage myopathy, and lavender foal syndrome. We also provided timely funding which led to the discovery of the cause, and subsequent vaccine development for Potomac horse fever.

Here at Morris Animal Foundation, horses hold a special place in our hearts. If you own a horse, there’s an excellent chance that the basic and advanced veterinary care your animal receives is in part thanks to animal health studies funded by the Foundation. Thanks to our funded studies, we now have vaccines for serious health issues, including Potomac horse fever and melanoma, new treatment strategies for persistent joint infections, improved treatments for pneumonia and sepsis in young foals, and so much more. Today, we continue to seek new ways to help equids suffering from various health conditions, and giving them the best chance at a healthier future.

Equine/Llama/Alpaca Studies Funded
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7.3 million
Horses and camelids helped in the United States alone

Studying the Impact of Lighting on Stabled Horses

Researchers will study how different lighting systems affect the behavior, circadian rhythm (body clock) and well-being of stabled horses.

Evaluating the Effect of Touch in Human-Horse Interactions

Researchers will investigate how therapy horses respond to touch by people to improve our awareness of the horse’s experience and inform best practice guidelines for therapy horses.

Make Hay While the Sun Shines for Our Horses

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