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Veterinary Advances for Cats

Since 1950, we have invested almost $16 million in more than 400 feline health studies. We’ve contributed to the development of the first vaccine for feline leukemia, pioneered cat genetic research and improved the health and welfare of shelter cats around the world. We also were among the first to recognize and invest in better pain management for cats. It’s just a small part of our dedication and commitment to help cats live their best lives.

Looking at the Microbiome and its Role in Chronic Upper Respiratory Disease

Researchers will look at the bacteria living in the upper respiratory tract (eyes, nose, and mouth) of cats with chronic disease and compare their microbiomes to healthy cats that share the same household. Understanding the function of similar groups of bacteria between sick and healthy cats may help identify new monitoring methods, disease risk factors and potential new therapy targets to manage this complex disease.

Cats are the most popular four-legged pets in America (sorry, dogs!), with loving families that want to help them live the longest, healthiest lives possible. And that means an investment in research will improve our understanding of the diseases and health conditions that impact cats, and teach us how to better diagnose, treat, care for and even cure these threats to our beloved feline companions.

feline studies funded
94 million
cats helped in the United States alone

Overpopulation of Free-roaming Cats Drives Hunt for Better Contraceptive

While the true number of free-roaming cats in the United States is unknown, experts believe the population may rival that of pet cats, with estimates ranging from 70 million to 90 million. This staggering number contributes substantially to cat overpopulation and the estimated 1.4 million cats euthanized each year in this country alone.

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