Data Commons

A comprehensive database that helps both veterinary and biomedical researchers discover and understand potential risk factors for cancer and other diseases in dogs, as well as providing a model for these risk factors in people.


Data Commons provides global access to historical data from the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study cohort, covering 11 key subject areas: activity, behavior, dental, disease diagnoses, diet, environment, grooming, geographical locations, medications, physical exams and reproduction.


 Ask, sort, discover and learn – all from the Morris Animal Foundation Data Commons.

Golden Retriever Lifetime Study

The Morris Animal Foundation Golden Retriever Lifetime Study forms the heart of the Data Commons. The Study, which began in 2012, is following 3,000+ golden retrievers throughout their lives to discover and better understand the environmental, nutritional, lifestyle and genetic risk factors for cancer and other diseases in dogs.

Who Can Use Data Commons?

Anyone affiliated with a research institution (e.g. government, university or nonprofit research facility) can make use of the Data Commons for academic research. When you create your login, you’ll be asked for your email address, credentials and home institution. All accounts are subject to approval by the Data Commons management team.

Data Commons 2

Data Set Example

This is an example of a data set that can be generated in Data Commons using the historical data from the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study cohort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have additional questions about the Morris Animal Foundation Data Commons? Whether you're a veterinarian, biomedical researcher or just interested in learning more, find answers to commonly asked questions about Data Commons.

Licensing Agreement

In order to use Data Commons, you are required to accept our licensing agreement. This is a written agreement by which Morris Animal Foundation gives you permission to use the Data Commons.