Veterinary Student Scholar Program

The Morris Animal Foundation Veterinary Student Scholar program is a competitive program that provides veterinary students the opportunity to conduct mentored research to advance the health and well-being of dogs, cats, equids and wildlife. 

What is the Veterinary Student Scholar Program?

Each year, students prepare grant applications, first for selection from their home institution, and then for review by Morris Animal Foundation. Each chosen Veterinary Student Scholar is awarded a $5,500 stipend to support their research project.

Applicants must be currently enrolled in an accredited veterinary medicine program (this does not need to be AVMA accreditation). Students enrolled in a combined DVM/PhD degree program are not eligible.


The Impact

  • Hands-on research experience
  • New knowledge that advances animal health
  • Publication in professional journals
  • Career advancement for aspiring scientists – past scholars have gone on to become established Morris Animal Foundation-funded investigators!
  • Longer, healthier lives for the animals

“I intend to pursue a career in zoo medicine, and this experience has given me the drive to participate in more research and continuing education so that I can be best prepared to help save species in the future.”

Sarah Camlic, Louisiana State University Veterinary Student Scholar

Recently Awarded Study Areas

  • Causes of kidney disease in cats to improve treatment
  • Genetic risk factors for orthopedic injuries in dogs to better prevent
  • Parasitic infections in moose to help declining populations
  • Foal pneumonia studies to save lives
  • Bacteria and health in vultures to prevent species extinction
Foundation-Funded Veterinary Student Scholar Projects
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Crystal Matt, Oklahoma State University

“This project sparked my interest in animal health research by allowing me to participate in every aspect of a research project from the initial grant writing through analyzing the data collected. I intend to continue to have research be a significant aspect of my future career.”

Excellent Science Only Happens When We Invest in Scientists

With few funding options available for innovative veterinary research, students rely on Morris Animal Foundation as a primary funding resource for early career awards. Our generous donors play a key role in the support and growth of this program.

Your $5,500 gift can jumpstart the future of veterinary science. Contact us to support a future scientist.

“Research holds the promise of saving the lives of patients afflicted with previously incurable conditions. Working on the discovery of novel therapies for antimicrobial resistance, an issue that may arguably be one of the most pressing of our time, gave me a newfound respect of research-centered careers and has inspired me to pursue a similar career path.”

Ashley Hopkins, Purdue University Veterinary Student Scholar