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Opioids are morphine-like drugs and have been a cornerstone of acute pain management for many species. Unfortunately, these drugs are not always accessible to veterinarians due to regulatory constraints or drug shortages. To address this issue, researchers want to know if opioid-free or opioid-sparing anesthetic protocols provide adequate pain control in cats. The team will compare the analgesic effects of an anesthetic protocol using different techniques with or without opioids in cats undergoing spay surgery. If successful, findings will help small animal veterinarians who perform routine spaying/neutering procedures and often struggle with opioid shortages. Results also may provide groundbreaking insights into practical means of pain relief in spay-neuter programs around the globe, where opioid and volatile anesthetics are not available, with a positive impact in feline welfare.

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University of Montreal
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Paulo Steagall, PhD, DACVAA
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