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Cat overpopulation is a worldwide problem. The current solution is to spay/neuter cats using surgery. But surgeries are expensive, require trained personnel and special equipment to perform, and can be painful for the cats. A more humane approach would be a nonsurgical procedure, preferably a single injection that would result in permanent sterilization. To address this problem, researchers are working on a single-injection, nonsurgical method they hope can reduce or eliminate the cells that support production of eggs and sperm in cats. The team has successfully used this new technique in several species, reducing egg production in chickens and eliminating breeding cycles in rats. Their next step is to assess its effectiveness in a small group of female cats. The team hopes their novel approach will successfully reduce or eliminate fertility in female cats and one day inform methods to help control cat overpopulation worldwide.

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Tufts University
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United States
Sandra Ayres, DVM