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As one of the world’s largest funding sources for animal health research, we are proud of our long tradition of supporting some of the most innovative researchers advancing the health of more species in more places than any other organization. To date, we have invested over $155 million.

Our research program accepts proposals in three overarching areas:

  • Small companion animal (cats, dogs) – in March
  • Large companion animal (equine species, camelids) -  in July
  • Wildlife (including reptiles, amphibians, exotic pets) - in November

We encourage scientists from around the world and at every stage of their career to explore our grant opportunities.

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The Best of the Best – How We Decide Which Animal Health Studies to Fund

Morris Animal Foundation, at any given point in time, is funding more than 200 active studies that advance the health of animals around the world. But how do those studies get selected? What is the secret sauce that makes the Foundation’s process so respected by researchers, veterinarians and donors alike? Let’s reveal the recipe.

Clinical Trials

Morris Animal Foundation funds many ongoing clinical trials essential to advancing veterinary medicine. Determine if your pet may qualify to enroll in a study and help to improve the health of animals today and tomorrow.

Tips to Plain Language Science Writing

As part of our granting process, the Foundation requires a lay summary of each researcher’s project. Writing a lay language description of a scientific project is a great way for researchers to start sharing their studies with a broader audience. If others know about and understand your work, your research can have a major impact on animal health.

Golden Retriever Lifetime Study Sample Tier

If you are planning to submit a request to receive Study specimens, specify which samples your research design will require using this Sample Tier infographic that ranks Golden Retriever Lifetime Study biospecimens according to their relatedness to primary and secondary Study endpoints and the type of specimen.

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