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October 23, 2020 – The United States Eventing Association was founded in 1959 with a set of goals that included the welfare of horses. Over the years, the association recognized the critical need for research focused on equine health issues – issues that weren’t high on the priority list of many funding organizations, except Morris Animal Foundation.

“Equine research is drastically underfunded compared to canine health research,” said Denise DaileyThomas, Chairperson of USEA’s Equine Medical Research Committee. “But we love our horses and all horse owners want them to have access to the best medical care, which can only happen if you have the right research.”

In 2013, USEA decided to take action. The organization devised a creative solution to raise funds earmarked for research by putting aside one dollar from every competition entry fee. They selected Morris Animal Foundation as a granting partner they could trust. Over the last seven years, USEA has donated more than $200,000 to Morris Animal Foundation and sponsored 25 research projects.

The Foundation overall has been funding equine health studies since 1950, with almost 500 studies funded to date.

“From a lay person’s standpoint, when I look at the projects sent to us to consider, I feel that the Foundation has done the heavy lifting by already vetting the studies,” said Denise. “We want to make sure we’re funding the best research out there.”

USEA has funded a wide variety of projects that address pressing equine health problems, from laminitis to infectious disease, improving the lives of all horses.

“Morris Animal Foundation does a really good job of not focusing on a specific breed or discipline,” said Dr. Michael Van Noy, a veterinarian and member of the USEA Equine Medical Research Committee. “That is one of the things at USEA we were really determined to do, to make sure the studies we funded would help all horses and ponies.”

The Foundation is immensely grateful to USEA for their support and our continued partnership!