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July 24, 2023 – CBD use in dogs, cats and horses has skyrocketed during the last decade in North America. Despite its popularity, very few scientific studies have focused on CBD efficacy in companion animals.

Only a few publications exist that look at CBD dosing regimens in cats to determine safety, but none look at use in cats with illnesses. Horses fare slightly better, with a few studies on tolerability, dosing suggestions and safety reported. However, only one published report (a case study in a single horse) discusses use of CBD to treat crib-biting.

The situation is slightly better for dogs. Several published studies show CBD is safe and well tolerated. A few published studies show promising results using CBD in the treatment of seizures and in pain management. But still, the data is sparse.

The Foundation recently funded a new study at the University of Saskatchewan that hopes to help close this knowledge gap. The project will assess whether the addition of CBD to a standard postsurgical pain regimen is beneficial. The research team, led by Dr. Alan Chicoine, will determine whether CBD improves pain relief in dogs undergoing orthopedic surgery.

Some dogs will receive a placebo and others CBD. Neither the owners nor the veterinary team will know which group they’re in. The researchers hope this approach will help provide much-needed objective data on CBD’s efficacy in this context – information that will provide guidance to veterinarians and dog owners alike.