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July 24, 2023 – When Kay and Dan Millar reflect on each of the seven dogs they’ve had over the past 56 years – six German shepherds and one golden retriever – they think of the memorable and special ways each one entered their lives. Although their stories vary greatly, one theme is constant: They didn’t find the dogs, but rather, they and the dogs found each other.

“Dogs are very special, I think,” said Kay, noting how the companionship of a dog feels like a natural part of everyday life. “We lose one and say we’re not going to have a dog for a while. Then, the house gets too quiet. Somehow there is a hole in your life.”

Kay and Baron

The Millars began rescuing dogs in 1967. Their first dog, Rusty, was found alone on a highway in Michigan. Their latest dog, Baron, was rescued in Indiana. Over the years they’ve also had Rebo, Solace (Sol), Dano, Tiberius (Ti) and Independence (Indy).

After the loss of Indy at age 5, they wanted to find a way to memorialize the dogs they’ve loved but lost too soon. They learned about Morris Animal Foundation in 2018 and have been donating ever since.

“We want to support an organization that supports research to improve the lives of animals,” said Dan. He added that their continued donations are a way for them to not only honor the dogs they’ve loved, but to further research to help all dogs live their longest, healthiest lives.

Thank you, Kay and Dan, for all you do for our canine companions!