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January 13, 2021 – A conversation with Angela Lennox-Kay always includes a remembrance of her good friend, Ann Hardy. Angela first met Ann in 1968 and over the years the two became close, with their friendship lasting almost 50 years!

Ann was a passionate cat lover and long-time supporter of Morris Animal Foundation. Angela first learned of the Foundation when Ann told her about a special project she was funding on feline infectious peritonitis. This conversation led Angela to make her first gift.

It also was Ann who convinced Angela that she needed a cat (or two or three) of her own. Angela now has NINE cats of all ages, colors and personalities!

While Angela has been a donor for many years, she recently became a Loyal Friend when she changed her giving plan to include a monthly donation, a move that was prompted by Angela’s close, personal relationship with our donor care team.

“My experience with the Foundation has been lovely! Everyone is so wonderful – I want to donate,” said Angela. “The personal connection is what it’s all about.”

Angela also has been moved to fund other studies aimed at health problems in wildlife and horses. This included a study in red-tailed hawks that spoke to her because of her home address on Red Tail Hawk Court.

The Foundation is thrilled to have Angela as a donor and Loyal Friend. Her commitment to animal health, especially feline studies, has helped improve all nine lives of thousands of cats everywhere! You, too, can make a difference in the lives of animals by joining Angela and becoming our Loyal Friend.