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October 19, 2021 – Since 1984, TED and TEDx talks have become synonymous with sharing big ideas reflecting the convergence of three fields – technology, entertainment and design. Now, through a new partnership, TEDxMileHigh and Morris Animal Foundation are developing and sharing new ideas focused on the science of animal health.

Through an initial series of 12 presentations, Morris Animal Foundation researchers conducting groundbreaking studies will be introduced to the global community. The presentations, which average 30 minutes each, will be available on TEDxMileHigh’s and the Foundation’s virtual platforms to complement TEDxMileHigh’s main events throughout the year.

The first segments of the annual series are scheduled around the Oct. 23 TEDxMileHigh event, Rethink, which is being offered in a hybrid format.

Featured Speakers for the First Year

  • Josh Stern, University of California, Davis – Why We’re Developing Medicine for YOUR Cat Based on Their Genes
  • Kate Hurley, University of California, Davis – How We Saved Over 3.2 Million Shelter Cats
  • Louisa Ponnampalam, MaraCet – Dolphin Communication in the Noisy Seas
  • Susan Kutz, University of Calgary – Saving the Muskoxen Herds of the Arctic
  • Valerie McKenzie, University of Colorado, Boulder – Existential Threat to Amphibians
  • Gregg Dean, Colorado State University – FIP Research Informing COVID-19 Vaccines
  • Felix Duerr, Colorado State University – Promise of Gene Therapy to Treat Osteoarthritis
  • Rod Page, Colorado State University – Golden Retriever Lifetime Study
  • Budhan Pukazhenthi, Smithsonian Institute – Saving Endangered Species
  • Lauren Trepanier, University of Wisconsin – How to Protect Your Pup From Environmental Pollution
  • Lauren Schnabel, North Carolina State University – New Ways to Treat Infections in Horses
  • Molly McCue, University of Minnesota – Threat of Equine Metabolic Syndrome

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