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July 26, 2021 – With a shared common interests in advancing canine health through genetics, Morris Animal Foundation's new partnership with Embark is a great match!

Embark Veterinary is the brainchild of brothers Adam and Ryan Boyko, growing out of their love of dogs and desire to learn more about canine health and genetics.

As people have become increasingly interested in learning about their own ancestry and health through commercial genetic testing, dog owners want that information for their furry companions as well. Embark offers two DNA test kits - one for breed ID and one for breed and health.

Morris Animal Foundation’s leadership and staff members first met the team at Embark through a joint project launched in 2018, when Adam and his colleagues used DNA samples from the Foundation’s Golden Retriever Lifetime Study to evaluate the effects of inbreeding. The resulting paper was published in the peer-reviewed journal Mammalian Genome.

The latest partnership with Embark focuses on the role of genetics in improving canine health. In addition to their scientific partnership, Adam now also serves on the Board of Trustees at Morris Animal Foundation.

“We see the work of Morris Animal Foundation as highly aligned with our mission,” said Ryan. “I hope this will be a many decades-long partnership. Not only can we provide funding, but we can share our expertise in moving toward common goals in genetic research, which translates into improving the health of the dogs we love.”