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January 18, 2022 – The Dalmatian Club of America Foundation has partnered with Morris Animal Foundation for over a decade, supporting canine studies to advance the health and well-being of Dalmatians, as well as all dogs.

“Dalmatian dogs are generally a pretty healthy breed,” said Toni Linstedt, President of the Dalmatian Club of America Foundation. “They don’t have a lot of rampant diseases, but there are still health issues that need better solutions to keep our dogs healthy.”

The organization has added to its sponsorship portfolio two new Morris Animal Foundation-funded studies focused on skin allergies and urinary tract disease. One study is a clinical trial evaluating a three-day antibiotic treatment for urinary tract infections. A second study is looking at a novel probiotic for bacterial pyoderma, the most common skin disease in dogs.

“Both these studies not only help dogs, but findings may provide affordable options for owners dealing with these health issues in their pets,” said Toni. “While there are big health issues our foundation wants to address, like kidney stones and epilepsy, everyday health needs are important to us too.”

The organization’s past support has led to the development of a screening test for bladder/kidney stones in Dalmatians, a top area of concern for the breed. Another key study confirmed the safe use of an extended-release version of levetiracetam for epilepsy, making treatment regimens easier for dogs and their owners.

“Anything we can do to diagnose sooner and improve treatment, helps our dogs,” said Toni. “And if it’s a less expensive and easier option for owners, that’s a bonus too.”