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January 18, 2022 – Ian and Ann McPhee were loyal friends to their cat Buttons until her passing at 18 years old. Buttons traveled extensively for a cat, having lived in the United Kingdom, Dubai and her final home in the United States. She even had her own European kitty passport.

“There’s not a day that goes by that we don’t think or talk about Buttons,” said Ian. “She’s what Americans would call our heart animal.”

When Buttons was cremated, her cremains were lovingly returned to her family along with a brochure about Morris Animal Foundation and how to make a donation to improve the health of animals everywhere.

“We thought, what an enduring way to remember Buttons and her adventure-filled life,” said Ian. “I think my wife and I are predisposed to help animals, especially rescued animals like Buttons and our current cat, Madison. And from what we learned about the Foundation, it was just another way we could help.”

Ian and Ann are Morris Animal Foundation Loyal Friends, monthly donors who together provide a sustainable monthly resource to support animal health studies around the world.

Join Ian and Ann and become a Loyal Friend today. You’ll be part of a community of people who want to make a difference and help heart animals everywhere.