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January 28, 2020 – Carol Meade, like so many of our donors, found out about the Foundation after receiving a pet memorial card from her veterinarian. Carol had to say good-bye to her 16-year old ginger cat Rascal, due to advanced kidney disease – an agonizing decision for any pet owner.

“The card touched me, and I was happy to hear from my veterinarian that there were organizations out there working on the disease that took Rascal’s life,” said Carol. “The work Morris Animal Foundation does is so important. It’s why I give as a Loyal Friend monthly donor as well as donate to send out their pet memorial cards.”

For Carol, pets are family. That’s why Carol goes out of her way to do something extra special for other people who have lost a beloved pet – even people she doesn’t know.

Carol recently read about a pet dog that saved two little boys from a coral snake and died from its venomous bite. She sent a Foundation memorial card to let this family know how much she cares about their loss.

“Every animal story touches me,” said Carol. “Whenever I hear about someone losing a special pet on the news, I donate to send them a Foundation card. It makes me feel good that my card donation makes a difference to the animals I love, and even helps people who are going through a difficult time with their pets, like it helped me.”

Carol and other Loyal Friend donors are the heart and soul of the Foundation. Monthly giving and tribute donations create a sustainable giving base that the Foundation, researchers and animals can count on.

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