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October 19, 2021 – In 1968, Morris Animal Foundation received its first public donation of $1 from Mildred Pine in memory of her dog, Patsy. Since then, animal lovers like Mildred have been leading the way to help fund life-changing health studies to improve the care of animals everywhere.

In the past year, you’ve helped support 61 new and 113 ongoing multi-year studies, supporting everything from critical cancer research to helping save endangered species.

Here’s a few more 2021 highlights, made possible through donor power!

  • We saw an increase in giving over 2020 to advance the mission of the Foundation – improving the health and well-being of animals everywhere.
  • Recent donor and veterinarian surveys helped identify important pet health concerns to better guide our granting process – because your input is important to us!
  • New donor-inspired studies were launched, including in equine behavior (an underserved research topic) and breed-specific studies funded by breed clubs.
  • Our Loyal Friends monthly donor program grew its membership by about 26%. This program generates monthly sustainable income to support our studies.
  • We launched two new studies connected to the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study – Golden Oldies, comparing genetics of older, cancer-free dogs to dogs diagnosed with cancer; and Golden Age, additional questionnaires on canine cognitive dysfunction and osteoarthritis.
  • We funded a new set of studies through our Australian Wildlife Fund, aimed at improving the care and rehabilitation of animals impacted by wildfires.

Thanks to all who have followed in Mildred Pine's footsteps and that very first research dollar she gave honoring a lost pet. At Morris Animal Foundation, we recognize every dollar matters because every animal life is precious. Thank you!