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October 27, 2022 – As Suzanne Harvey talks on the phone, her orange-winged Amazon parrot, Juanita, squawks continuously in the background.

“Every time I get on the phone, she wants to be part of the conversation,” laughs Suzanne. “Of course, she hasn’t learned to say anything I’d like her to say – like ‘Hello, my name is Juanita’ – but parrots are stubborn that way.”

Suzanne is a lifelong animal lover and a Morris Animal Foundation donor for more than 20 years. She heard about the Foundation from one of her best friends who worked at a veterinary clinic and suggested to Suzanne that the Foundation is an organization worth supporting.

“I love that the Foundation does all kinds of research – such wide variety in the things you work with,” said Suzanne, who also was involved in canine obedience training for many years. “I had a horse growing up, and I love horses and dogs. My son has cats, and I’ve always supported the zoo (near her home in California).”

Her love extends to the several Afghan hounds that have shared her life over the years, as well as her miniature pinschers (just one step below Jack Russells in terms of attitude and busyness, said Suzanne), and her current dog Brandy, a rescue from the local ASPCA.

For Suzanne, being a donor to the Foundation as well as a Lamplighter (the Foundation’s planned giving program), means supporting research that is helping all the animals she loves and animals everywhere have longer, healthier lives. Even Juanita can say yes to that!