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December 17, 2020 – As the year draws to a close, we decided to do a Top 5 countdown of our most popular blogs and podcasts of this past year! Take a peek at what people were listening to, and reading about, in 2020.

Podcast Countdown

#5 One of our most recent podcasts joins the list at number five – we discuss obesity in dogs and cats with our guest Dr. Marge Chandler. Learn about this serious problem in our pet population while getting some tips on how to keep your pet trim!

#4 At number four, we have a podcast first broadcast in April of this year on seizures in dogs. Dr. Karen Munana discusses this common problem and does a little myth-busting along the way.

#3 Debuting at number three is a broadcast that addresses an old but pervasive problem – the effects of lead contamination in the environment. Dr. Jordan Karubian joins us to talk about his interesting study on lead in mockingbirds, and how findings could help other species, including pets and people.

#2 In the number two spot is one of our very popular episodes on the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study. Learn everything you want to know about the Study in Episode 1!

#1 The top spot this year belongs to the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study as well, with a look at the link between timing of spay/neuter and health outcomes in young dogs in the cohort.

A new episode of our Fresh Scoop podcast comes out every month. And, don’t forget to check out our library of past episodes!

Blog Countdown

#5 At number five sits a companion blog to our podcast on seizures. It’s no surprise that this common neurologic problem of dogs is on top of people’s minds.

#4 The number four spot is held by another problem all pet parents deal with at one time or another – the messy problem of diarrhea. If this blog piqued your interest, check out our AnimalNEWS 101 webinar addressing the same topic!

#3 Coming in at number three is the first of two articles on the same serious topic – the deadly cancer of dogs, hemangiosarcoma.

#2 It’s not surprising that dog owners want to stay informed when it comes to this disease. Another blog on this deadly cancer is our second most viewed blog. Take a look at our conversation with Golden Retriever Lifetime Study Principal Investigator Dr. Rod Page as well to learn more about this important cancer.

#1 Topping the list at number one is a blog on the signs of heart disease in dogs. Heart disease can affect dogs of any size, breed or sex, and it’s critical that all dog owners learn the common signs of heart problems in dogs.

There’s no doubt that 2020 has been a challenging year. As a Foundation, we’ve been lucky to be able to continue our work and provide great content to our many supporters, and we’re looking forward to diving into new stories in the upcoming year.

Our Commitment to Education

Morris Animal Foundation is best known as a funding organization, but we’re also committed to sharing what we know with everyone. Knowledge is key to keeping our beloved pets healthy and happy.

Be sure to check out our blogs, podcasts, webinars and newsletter articles. We’re constantly adding new information about our projects as well as health problems that affect animals everywhere.

How You Can Help This Giving Season

This holiday season, while our animals share their gifts of kisses, snuggles and love, let’s not forget to return the favor and give them the best gift ever – the gift of longer, healthier lives and more time with you. Help us fund even more health studies with our holiday match and keep the wagging, rolling and frolicking coming for years to come.