Your Impact – Summer 2023

For almost 75 years, Morris Animal Foundation has been a global leader in funding studies to advance animal health. With the help of generous donors like you, we are improving the health and well-being of dogs, cats, horses and wildlife around the world.

Taking Stock of the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study

As the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study turns 11 years old, it’s a great time for some updates on our Study cohort as well as additional Study-related research initiatives underway.

Improving the Health of Shelter Cats With a Simple Tool

Providing hiding spaces has been proposed as one way to reduce stress in cats in these types of environments. A new study will test this theory by giving shelter cats access to a small, enclosed cat den within their larger kennel space, to see if the addition of this simple tool can improve outcomes for these animals.

2023 Fellowship Training Grants – What We Are Funding & Why

Supporting new researchers is critical to improving and developing treatments, diagnostics and cures for the many health challenges facing animals today and tomorrow. Learn about what Fellowship Training grants we're funding and why.

All Ears – Taking on Otitis Externa in Dogs

Otitis externa can be tough to treat, and sometimes a simple case turns into a big problem. Knowing the facts about ear issues can help keep dogs healthy and out of the veterinary clinic.

CBD – A Promising Tool for Companion Animals

The Foundation recently funded a new study at the University of Saskatchewan that hopes to help close the knowledge gap of CBD use in dogs. The project will assess whether the addition of CBD to a standard postsurgical pain regimen is beneficial.

56 Years of Rescuing and Remembering

When Kay and Dan Millar reflect on each of the seven dogs they’ve had over the past 56 years – six German shepherds and one golden retriever – they think of the memorable and special ways each one entered their lives. Although their stories vary greatly, one theme is constant: They didn’t find the dogs, but rather, they and the dogs found each other.


Celebrate National Dog Day

Your investment in canine health studies at Morris Animal Foundation gives beloved dogs around the world the best chance at a healthier, happier future. Now through August 31, all donations will be matched, up to $75,000, thanks to a generous gift from the Golden Retriever Foundation®.

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