Morris Animal Foundation Partners With V Foundation – $2 Million Raised for Golden Retriever Lifetime Study

With a challenge match of $1 million, Morris Animal Foundation partnered with the V Foundation for Cancer Research to raise $2 million in support of the Morris Animal Foundation Golden Retriever Lifetime Study. The match was met as part of the V Foundation Wine Celebration that raised more than $7 million for canine comparative oncology during a full weekend of events.

Your Gifts in Action

For more than 70 years, Morris Animal Foundation has been a global leader in funding studies to advance animal health. With the help of generous donors like you, we are improving the health and well-being of dogs, cats, horses and wildlife worldwide.

Colic – An Emergency for Horse Owners

If you were to ask a horse owner or veterinarian their greatest equine health concern, the answer might surprise you. Foot and leg injuries are devastating in horses, and often highlighted in popular press. But a recent survey shows colic (abdominal pain due to any cause) ranks first in health worries from those who know horses best.

Timing Key When it Comes to Spaying and Neutering

A newly published report from the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study shows the timing of a spay or neuter surgery can influence both your dog’s chances of becoming overweight as well as suffering from a cruciate ligament tear.

Morris Animal Foundation Awards More Than $1 Million in Grants to Support Wildlife Research

The Foundation has awarded more than $1 million in wildlife health research grants, supporting 17 studies. The studies cover a diverse set of critical health challenges, including low fertility in elephants, rabies in bats and amphibian fungal disease.

Hope for the Future of Koalas

Koalas may be one of the world’s most unique, endearing animals, but they are increasingly vulnerable to multiple threats. Foundation-funded researchers are offering hope for one problem, though - disease. The researchers recently identified what could be the last large, isolated, healthy chlamydia-free population of koalas in Australia, on Kangaroo Island.

A Gift to Help Animals – A Tax Break to Help You

Jody Teeter and her husband, Stan, veterinarian and Morris Animal Foundation board member, are long-time supporters of animal health. Their giving venue of choice is donor-advised funds, a tax-friendly way to donate to nonprofit organizations.

Partner Spotlight: More Than Two Decades of Giving – Jeffers Pet

For 21 years, Jeffers Pet, a pet, equine and livestock supply company located in Alabama, has been supporting research at Morris Animal Foundation through customer donations matched by the company. And it all began with gorillas.


A Toast to Our Feline Friends Who Warm Our Hearts & Hearths

Make your gift today and help animals have longer, healthier lives. And, through the end of the year, your gift will be matched dollar for dollar, up to $200,000, by members of the Morris Animal Foundation Board of Trustees. That's something else worth toasting.

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