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Hemangiosarcoma is an aggressive and complex cancer in dogs. Heritability plays a role in the development of this cancer and is used by breeders to try to reduce disease incidence in their dogs. However, each dog’s risk of developing HSA is more complex and shaped by many genetic and environmental factors. To help improve risk assessment, researchers will develop new genomic tools using statistical breeding models that may be useful, particularly for breeders, in lowering the incidence of HSA and other complex diseases in dogs. The team will focus on two breeds to test their hypothesis – golden retrievers and Labrador retrievers – using available genetic data and cancer outcomes from the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study and Guiding Eyes for the Blind. The team hopes their genomic studies will also identify genes linked to HSA that will aid in the discovery of new and more effective therapies for these canine patients.

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University of Massachusetts
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United States
Frances Chen, DVM, PhD