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The Golden Retriever Lifetime Study investigates the potential environmental, lifestyle, genetic and nutritional risk factors for cancer and other major diseases in dogs. Over many years, vast amounts of data have been collected from veterinarian records, dog owners' questionnaires and genomic analysis for 3,000+ enrolled study dogs. As a result, the Study is one of the largest canine health repositories in the United States. However, collection of such diverse data types over years from multiple sources need to be regularly curated for ease of use and better accessibility for the scientific community. Researchers will work toward an improved and more unified organization of the Study datasets while standardizing its content terminology. This will make the Study data more findable, accessible, and interoperable by biomedical scientists. The team also will develop tutorials for data access together with easy-to-use bioinformatics workflows to enable more complete use and exploration of the data by the entire canine research community.

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University of California, Davis
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United States
Tamer Ahmed, PhD