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Morris Animal Foundation is collaborating with Veterinary Companion Animal Surveillance System (VetCompass), a nonprofit initiative based at the Royal Veterinary College, that collects and analyzes data from over 1,800 veterinary practices in the United Kingdom. Together, the two organizations will establish a cancer epidemiology team based at the Royal Veterinary College in the United Kingdom who will analyze cancer data from dogs enrolled in the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study as well as health data collected on 27,000 golden retrievers under veterinary care at VetCompass practices in the United Kingdom. Studying the large VetCompass group would highlight broad trends in the breed’s overall health and also the breed’s cancer risk in the United Kingdom, as well as provide a valuable comparison set to the smaller numbers of dogs, but with richer data, from the Morris Animal Foundation-based Golden Retriever Lifetime Study. The cancer epidemiology team also will explore the survival of golden retrievers after diagnosis. Findings will help estimate the frequency of and identify risk factors for cancers in golden retrievers, as well as provide a valuable resource for additional canine cancer studies.

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The Royal Veterinary College
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United Kingdom
David Brodbelt, VetMB, Phd, DVA