Be a Part of Veterinary Medical History

The Golden Retriever Lifetime Study began recruiting dogs (and veterinarians) for enrollment in 2012. By 2015, study enrollment was full with 3,044 dogs. And, while dog enrollment is closed, Morris Animal Foundation still is recruiting veterinarians to the Study.

We are always looking for veterinarians ready and willing to help when a Study dog needs a new veterinarian.

Because people move. Dogs move. Veterinarians move. And veterinarians retire. By enrolling with us, you can become a part of veterinary history and contribute greatly to what we know about risk factors, disease and dogs.

As a Study veterinarian, you’ll need to:

  • Perform routine annual exams for each enrolled dog at your practice
  • Collect blood, urine, feces, hair and nail samples at each annual exam and send them to a designated laboratory for analysis*
  • Provide care during other health events, such as illness or injury, and collect samples for evaluation and submission to the laboratory
  • Ensure Study dogs in your practice are microchipped

General Study Resources

Tumor Sampling and Necropsy Resources

Learn More About Our Research Studies

Our health study database, searchable by species or area of study, houses our funded research that is making a difference in the lives of animals worldwide.

Fear Free Certification for Study Veterinarians

For veterinarians participating in the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study, enter promotion code MAFIN50 to receive a 50% discount on Fear Free course tuition.