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April 27, 2020 – Judi Schachte is no stranger to cancer and she’s turned her considerable energies toward fighting the disease every way she can, including fundraising for Morris Animal Foundation.

Judi’s story starts more than a decade ago. Her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and shortly thereafter Judi’s younger sister developed cancer as well. Both women lost their lives to the disease. As Judi grieved these devastating losses, she received another blow when her young dog Twist was diagnosed with osteosarcoma of the spine. Within five days of his first showing signs, Judi was saying goodbye to Twist, too.

Judi wanted answers and reached out to C.A. Sharp, President of the Australian Shepherd Health and Genetics Institute for help. “I was looking for answers even though I knew I wouldn’t find one,” said Judi.

“C.A. suggested I join her in the Foundation’s Virtual Walk for canine cancer and I ended up being the top fundraiser. I’ve been fundraising for the Foundation ever since!”

Judi uses many creative ways to raise money for the Foundation, including getting donations at agility trials (did we mention she has had two National champions? And a Westminster winner?) and raising more than $3,000 on Facebook in honor of her 50th birthday.

“I’m a science person,” said Judi. “The Foundation’s work speaks to that part of me. We need something new in cancer treatments to improve prognosis for dogs like Twist.” And maybe, Judi hopes, what we learn about canine cancer may one day help people, too.