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January 13, 2021 – The Dachshund Club of America Health and Welfare Trust Fund’s mission is two-fold: owner education and health of their beloved breed. They also are long-time partners with Morris Animal Foundation, supporting studies in spinal cord injury and canine cancer research – specifically intervertebral disc disease, the most common spinal cord injury in dogs, and hemangiosarcoma, one of the deadliest canine cancers.

“We partner with Morris Animal Foundation because they have a great grant proposal process,” said Dr. Deneice Van Hook, veterinarian and chair of the Club’s Health and Welfare Trust Fund. “We let them do the front end of the work – picking the best projects that need funding – and that really helps us with our health mission and work.”

One top health concern in dachshunds, Dr. Van Hook notes, is disc disease; dachshunds are 10 times more likely to suffer from intervertebral disc disease than other breeds due to their longbacked build. Hemangiosarcoma is not overly represented in the breed, but it remains a great concern for owners given the severity of this cancer.

“While we mainly focus on the health of our breed, we also are committed to improving overall canine health,” said Dr. Van Hook. “You have to move medicine forward and the only way to do that is to invest in research. It’s the only way to get better diagnostics and treatments into the hands of the veterinarians who care for our dogs.”

Morris Animal Foundation could not do its work without the generous support of partners like the Dachshund Club of America Health and Welfare Trust Fund. Our partnership is bridging science and resources to advance the health of dogs everywhere, including an American favorite, the dachshund.