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DENVER/June 18, 2020 – Morris Animal Foundation, a leader in advancing animal health, received three 2020 Muse Creative Awards. The awards are an international competition for creative professionals who possess the unique ability to inspire with a concept, idea or design - whether through traditional materials or electronic media.

“These are highly respected awards and, just like their name suggests, recognize the artists on our team that inspire our audience,” said Carol Borchert, Vice President of Marketing and Brand Strategy at Morris Animal Foundation. “The categories we won for are very different, but all reflect our work to creatively connect people with a passion for animals to the Foundation and its mission.”

Morris Animal Foundation’s 2020 Muse Creative Awards are:


  • Brochure – 2018 Annual Report


  • News Release - “Spaying, neutering large-breed dogs linked to higher risk of obesity and nontraumatic orthopedic injuries"
  • Magazine AD Campaign – “Auditioned for Role” Campaign Colorado Ballet Ads

The Foundation won a Gold award for its 2018 Annual Report. The brochure, which celebrated the Foundation’s 70th anniversary, artfully showcased the Foundation’s greatest accomplishments from the previous seven decades. It was valuable as a connection to the Foundation’s donors and showed the impact of their gifts.

A Silver award was given for a press release about the first significant findings from the Foundation’s Golden Retriever Lifetime Study. It found that spaying or neutering large-breed dogs can put them at a higher risk for obesity and, if done when the dog is young, nontraumatic orthopedic injuries. This information provided dog owners and veterinarians new information to consider when deciding on when to spay or neuter their dog, especially when considering the long-term health of their pet.

The Foundation received a second Silver award for a magazine advertising campaign that pictured animals unsuccessfully auditioning for roles with the Colorado Ballet. Illustrations of the animals with ballet accessories caught the readers’ eyes, and supporting text conveyed that though the Foundation couldn’t help the pets become dancers, it could help them live longer, healthier lives.

The Muse Creative Awards are administered and judged by International Awards Associates (IAA), and stellar panels of internationally recognized industry professionals. IAA oversees awards and recognition programs, assembles judging panels, and sets rigorous standards for the competition. More than 1,000 participants from various countries compete for these awards.

Morris Animal Foundation, headquartered in Denver, is one of the largest nonprofit animal health research organizations in the world, funding more than $155 million in studies across a broad range of species.

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