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DENVER/January 23, 2019 – The American German Shepherd Dog Charitable Foundation Inc. (AGSDCF) has made a gift of $100,000 to support Morris Animal Foundation’s Veterinary Student Scholar program. The program provides grants to current veterinary students with an interest in animal health research, and who have submitted an approved proposal for a summer research project.

Morris Animal Foundation is one of the world’s largest nonprofit organizations funding studies to advance the health of animals everywhere. With more than 2,760 studies funded since 1948, the organization plays a vital role in advancing veterinary medicine and care for dogs, cats, horses and wildlife.

“We are thrilled to be supporting the up-and-coming great minds in veterinary medicine who will be helping our dogs,” said AGSDCF President Deb Hokkanen. “It’s exciting for our organization to be working together with Morris Animal Foundation to improve the health of all breeds and every dog.”

AGSDCF was founded in 1984 and is devoted to funding research projects that improve the health of the German shepherd dog. The organization has been supporting canine health research at Morris Animal Foundation since 2007. While past funding was directed toward more specific health concerns for German shepherds, including the deadly cancer hemangiosarcoma and bloat, the organization wanted to expand their giving to support educational programs as well.

“We’re getting a little long in the tooth and need to invest in the next generation,” said Hokkanen. “For our donors, this means not only continuing to support research into health conditions that affect German shepherds, but also making sure we do our part to support the veterinary professionals who care for our dogs every day.”

Morris Animal Foundation’s Veterinary Student Scholar program provides veterinary students the opportunity to become involved in mentored research that advances the health and/or welfare of companion animals and wildlife. Students from accredited veterinary schools are eligible for the program. They submit proposals for review to their respective universities, which are then submitted to the Foundation for approval and funding.

“It’s such a privilege for us to work with the American German Shepherd Dog Charitable Foundation,” said Tiffany Grunert, President and CEO of Morris Animal Foundation. “Through their gifts over the last 12 years, and those of all our generous donors, we are able to advance the health of animals everywhere. We deeply appreciate and thank them for their continued support of this important work.”

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