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February 23, 2022/DENVER – Many of us have suffered the loss of a beloved pet. The sorrow and grief we feel for these non-human members of our family is sometimes even more devastating as we seek support, remembrance and comfort around a difficult loss.

Now, Morris Animal Foundation has a new online community – Furever Memorials – where individuals and families can remember and celebrate their loyal and trusted companions.

Globally, pets have taken larger and more emotional roles in the hearts and homes of their owners. They love us unconditionally, depend on us for their well-being and see us at our most vulnerable.

And when a pet passes away, some owners may find the loss just as or even more challenging than the loss of a human loved one – their pet was their constant companion. Memorializing their pet gives owners a chance to share in their grief and their community a chance to honor that grief.

Furever Memorials provides a platform that lets owners tell their pet’s story along with photos, as well as share the memorial on social media platforms, and gives their family and friends a way to comment, provide support and even donate in honor of the pet. Donations support animal health studies that advance the well-being of dogs and cats everywhere.

Visit Furever Memorials to learn more, create a memorial or support those sharing their pet’s memorial by leaving a kind word and/or donating in their memory.

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