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Hug Your Veterinarian – It’s World Veterinary Day

Veterinarians, armed with expertise and a wealth of knowledge, help save animals every minute of every day. To honor the work they do, World Veterinary Day, on April 29, is a day set aside to celebrate and acknowledge the life-saving work carried out by veterinarians all over the world.

April 29, 2017

MAF Blog 4.25

Join Morris Animal Foundation as We Unite to Fight Pet Cancer

Help us fight pet cancer and give our pets a better chance at a longer, healthier life – pets like Rocky, a beloved Dalmatian whose life was cut short by cancer – by making your gift today.

April 25, 2017

4.6.17 Dolphins - Dogs of the Sea

Dogs of the sea have a best friend in Morris Animal Foundation

With their sparkling personalities and legendary intelligence, bottlenose dolphins are one of the most beloved of all sea creatures (which accounts for their “dogs of the sea” nickname). But, like all marine animals, the health of dolphins is vulnerable to the effects of pollution, climate change and emerging diseases.

April 6, 2017