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2016 Indy Blog

Each step for this dog owner honors lost pet

Brandy Ludlum fights back the tears as she talks about getting ready for the upcoming Morris Animal Foundation Indy K9 Cancer Walk on October 2, 2016. Brandy will be participating in her fourth walk. However, she’ll be missing a special companion; Heidi, her beloved golden retriever.

September 27, 2016

Cat_persistent infections

Study helps veterinarians understand persistent infections

Many pet owners and veterinarians struggle to help pets that just can’t shake an infection. Itchy ears that don’t get better, recurrent urinary tract infections, wounds that never completely heal – all persistent infections that can frustrate even the most caring owner and diligent veterinarian.

September 20, 2016

dog-cat pet memorial

Remembering our animal companions on National Pet Memorial Day

Each year, on the second Sunday in September, National Pet Memorial Day remembers and celebrates the bonds we have with our pets, and honors their memory. Falling on September 11 this year, the day is especially poignant.

September 9, 2016