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Four Crazy Cats

Unite to Fight: Checkups Save Lives

“Tanner’s cancer diagnosis was shocking because he was feeling fine,” said Suzanne Canipe, whose cat Tanner was diagnosed with renal (or kidney) lymphoma in July 2014. Luckily for Suzanne and Tanner, his cancer was found during a routine health checkup. While no pet owner wants to hear a diagnosis of cancer for their pet, finding cancer early usually means a better chance at survival. Tanner’s cancer diagnosis and treatment, said Suzanne, “couldn’t have gone any better than it did.”

April 13, 2015

Libby Walk

Let’s not lose one more “heart” dog to cancer

Lea Kachler-Leake knows what it’s like to suddenly lose a dog to cancer not just once, but several times over. Lea’s lost six dogs of her own to cancer. She also knows dogs she has tenderly fostered that later succumbed to this disease. “In my many years of rescue, I’ve lost fosters to cancer” Lea said. “Dogs I’ve placed for adoption have died of cancer. I own a pet- sitting business and more of my clients’ pets than I care to count have died of this horrendous disease. I’m so tired of it.”

April 10, 2015

Summer Smile LG Walk

“City of Cats” puts on its running shoes for canine cancer

There are few of us who have not been touched by cancer in our lifetime. Cancer is a leading cause of death and illness in people, but many of us don’t realize that cancer also accounts for nearly 50% of all disease-related pet deaths each year.

March 27, 2015