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Indianapolis Takes a Step Against Canine Cancer

Saturday was a day for the dogs! Nearly 150 passionate Indianapolis-area dog lovers rallied to fight canine cancer last weekend during the 2014 Indy K9 Cancer Walk at Eagle Creek Park. The event raised nearly $15,000 to help Morris Animal Foundation–funded scientists better understand why our pets develop cancer.

September 18, 2014

Cancer In Wildlife

Wildlife Can Get Cancer, Too

The Tasmanian devil is more than a cartoon character. This carnivorous scavenger plays an important role in the ecosystem of the island of Tasmania, but the species is now in trouble.

September 18, 2014

White Horse 2

Drive-through Eating Could Actually Keep Horses Sleek

One might not expect these historically active animals to have weight issues, but just as it has in our household pets, obesity has become a significant problem in companion horses. Some statistics suggest that up to 50 percent of horses are now obese.

September 15, 2014