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indy k9 cancer walk 2015 toby

Indianapolis residents take to the roadways to walk for K9 cancer

Although Indianapolis is famous for its high-speed raceway, nearly 150 people and their four-legged friends slowed down the pace and walked in the third annual Indy K9 Cancer Walk on September 20.

September 22, 2015

kestrel convio

When it comes to pain medication, birds of a feather do not flock together

A raptor soaring through the sky is an iconic image of strength and beauty, but life can be dangerous for these magnificent birds.

September 22, 2015

rabies in south africa

Controlling rabies outbreaks in developing countries

Dr. Darryn Knobel was troubled by the high incidence of canine rabies in certain impoverished areas in his country. The disease posed a significant risk to both humans and dogs, and the potential spread to other communities and wildlife was a concern.

September 22, 2015