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dog and turkey

Keep your pets healthy this holiday season

The holidays are upon us, and with celebrations comes plenty of seasonal cooking and baking with delicious meals, desserts and food gifts. As we are enjoying the bounty of the season, it’s tempting to share a tasty morsel of special food with our pets. But it’s important to remember that food treats can become food disasters for our companion animals, and wind you up with an unexpected holiday trip to your veterinarian

November 25, 2015


Targeting FIP: new hope in the fight against a deadly disease

Dr. Missy Simpson, Morris Animal Foundation’s veterinary epidemiologist, recalls that one of the joys of general practice was caring for newly adopted kittens. “People would come for their first wellness exam after getting a kitten,” said Dr. Simpson. “They were so excited about their new family member. I loved being a part of that enthusiasm.”

November 23, 2015

Giving Tuesday dog and girl

Season of Hope - Giving Tuesday

The week of Thanksgiving provides boundless opportunities for us to give thanks and give back to those we care about, including our animal companions. Giving Tuesday on December 1 extends that week of gratitude by offering us a unique chance to stop and reflect on what is really meaningful, and then take action to give back.

November 23, 2015