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Chimps Blog - Allen

High-Status Chimps Could Help Prevent Disease Spread

No other species is closer to humans than the chimpanzee, which shares 95 to 98 percent of our genetic blueprint. Like us, they live in family units and create complex social communities. Also like us, their close interactions with one another can lead to illness.

July 23, 2014

Student and Golden Blog

Students Learn Lessons in Cooking and Giving

Earlier this year, Morris Animal Foundation received a generous donation of $233 from the students, families and staff of Monsignor Gadoury School in Woonsocket, Rhode Island.

July 21, 2014

Horse Meleanoma

Study Offers Hope for Horses with Melanoma

The tumor starts like so many skin cancers do: a small black bump on the skin. It is easy to overlook, since it isn’t irritating, oozing or interfering with movement. Slowly, the tumor grows, but much of the growth occurs below the skin. Over time the tumor is noted but doesn't seem a cause for concern; if it is growing so slowly, how could it be a problem? Then one day, doctors discover the tumor is much bigger than previously thought and has spread throughout the body.

July 18, 2014