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Cancer Affects Humans and Furkids Alike: Walk Program Helps You Fight Back

Friends and I were recently brought together to celebrate the life of a wonderful man. Though he had lived a full and loving life, it was cut short because of cancer. Looking around the room, I saw a friend who wept with tears because his mother is being treated for the same disease, and another friend who sat back sadly because her four-legged “child” had recently been diagnosed with this deadly disease...

August 28, 2014

Kasey Blog - Story

A picture tells more than a thousand words

The day began just like any other when Chris and Karen Codington turned on their television to watch the morning news. A local shelter happened to be airing an adopt-a-pet news segment, and the Codingtons quickly found themselves drawn to the screen and to the adorable, caramel-colored puppy that desperately needed a home. Before they knew it, their family grew to three, with the new addition of Kasey, an 11-week-old Canaan dog.

August 25, 2014

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Keeping a Close Eye on our Cat Companions

Cats are masters at hiding illness, so even the most subtle changes can indicate a serious health problem, including cancer. Cats with illness may show few, if any, clinical signs until it has progressed to the advanced stages. The importance of early detection and routine preventive care are critical to keeping your cat healthy.

August 22, 2014