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A lifetime of caring for animals inspires donor to become a Loyal Friend

While we all hope to be lucky enough to have our companion animals enjoy long, healthy lives, many pets leave us too soon because of devastating illnesses, such as cancer. This is something with which Jan Hitchborn is all too familiar. She has lost dogs both young and old to various forms of cancer, but those heartbreaking losses do not deter her from continuing to provide a loving home to dogs and cats of all ages, no matter what health problems they may face.

February 9, 2016


Donor inspired by love of animals to become a Loyal Friend

A long-time animal rescue volunteer, trainer and animal lover, Jan Hitchborn originally began giving to Morris Animal Foundation after hearing about the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study through her local golden retriever rescue group.

February 8, 2016

Cat in grass

Meow, that hurts! Arthritis can affect cats, too.

As most cat owners and veterinarians can attest, cats are masters at concealing signs of illness, a trait inherited from their wild counterparts. This tendency complicates our ability to determine when our feline friends are in pain.

January 28, 2016