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December 29, 2022 — Want to know what hot topics animal lovers and pet health enthusiasts were interested in this year? Check out the most read Morris Animal Foundation blogs for 2022.

Blog Countdown

#5 At number five is a blog on the Foundation’s Hemangiosarcoma Initiative. Recent findings from the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study, following 3,000+ dogs throughout their lifetime, clearly shows the top cause of cancer deaths in the cohort to date is hemangiosarcoma.

#4 The number four spot focuses on ringworm, including diagnosis, treatment and prevention. Ringworm is not a parasitic disease as its name suggests, but a common skin disease in dogs, cats and people too!

#3 Coming in at number three for two years in a row is our popular blog about the most common toxins affecting cats and dogs. It’s the rare pet parent who hasn’t worried about something their fur kid ingested! Keep the 24-hour pet hotline handy for those unexpected emergencies.

#2 The number two blog focuses on the signs of heart disease in dogs. Heart disease can affect dogs of any size, breed or sex, and it’s critical that all dog owners learn the common signs of heart problems in dogs.

Topping the list for 2022 

#1 Another blog post on hemangiosarcoma is at the top of our list. This is one of the deadliest canine cancers. It can strike quickly, with few or no warning signs, catching dog owners off guard. Many owners only learn about this cancer when they lose their beloved pet or are seeking answers in the midst of a crisis.

One of the top requests for information from Morris Animal Foundation is on this deadly cancer. In 2023, we hope our targeted funding efforts through our new Hemangiosarcoma Initiative will find better ways to screen for and treat this cancer, and provide veterinarians with the tools they need to save more dogs stricken by hemangiosarcoma.

Our Commitment to Education

Morris Animal Foundation is best known as a funding organization, but we’re also committed to sharing what we know with everyone. Knowledge is key to keeping our beloved pets healthy and happy.

Be sure to check out all our blogspodcastswhite papers and newsletter articles and so much more! We’re constantly adding new information about our projects as well as health problems that affect animals everywhere.