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Denver/July 5, 2023 – Morris Animal Foundation announced a new call for proposals for research focused on cervical spondylomyelopathy also known as Canine Wobbler Syndrome, a neurologic disease in dogs affecting the cervical spine.

The request for proposals is supported by funding from the Doberman Pinscher Club of America, Weimaraner Foundation Fund and the Weimaraner Clubs of America, Australia and New Zealand.

The Foundation has a particular interest in proposals that investigate genetic biomarkers and the genetic basis of Wobbler Syndrome. Additionally, research focused on innovative advancements in medical, nutritional, surgical, immunotherapy and complementary medicine interventions that hold promise for enhancing the quality of life for large-breed dogs affected by this condition is highly encouraged.

Interested researchers can find more information, including proposal documents, on the Foundation’s Grants page. The submission deadline for proposals is Sept. 27, 2023.

The maximum project duration is 24 months, and the budget cannot exceed $100,000 USD. We will not accept off-topic proposals in this RFP. 

All applicants for this award must demonstrate to the scientific and animal welfare reviewers that they possess a clear understanding of the health problem, have sufficient expertise to conduct the study, are employing a scientifically sound approach, and have appropriately considered the overall environmental impact of their research. Competitive applicants for this award will have a proven record of expertise demonstrated through peer-reviewed publication.

This research is part of a donor-inspired initiative to fund studies that lead to positive impacts and achievements for animals, benefiting both scientific and non-scientific stakeholders.

Scientific Advisory Board

  • Dawn Boothe, DVM, MS, PhD, Veterinary Information Network
  • Jeryl Jones, DVM, PhD, DACVR, Clemson University, VA-MD College of Vet. Med
  • Michael Lorenz, DVM, DACVIM, Oklahoma State University
  • James R Mickelson, MS, PhD, University of Minnesota
  • Thomas Rosol, DVM, PhD, MBA, DACVP, FIATP, Ohio University
  • Sarah Shull, DVM, CCRT, DACVSMR, Michigan State University
  • Joseph J. Wakshlag, DVM, PhD, DACVIM (Nutrition), DACVMSR, Cornell University
  • Daniella P Vansteenkiste, BVetMed, MS, DACVIM (Neurology), Metropolitan Veterinary Associates

About Morris Animal Foundation

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Media Contact: Annie Mehl