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Encephalomyocarditis virus (EMCV) is a virus found in wild rodents that has caused the deaths of zoo mammals worldwide for decades; EMCV most notably causes fatal heart infections in elephants. Currently, no commercial vaccine exists to protect animals from EMCV. When an outbreak occurs in a zoo, prevention and control measures include removing rodents from affected areas and quarantining of susceptible zoo animals. Researchers will investigate recent EMCV outbreaks in American zoos to better understand the source of the virus and how it is transmitted to zoo animals. The team also will investigate a trial vaccine to protect animals from EMCV and determine how effective it is against various EMCV strains. Findings will inform disease management guidelines to help protect elephants and other at-risk African and Asian megafauna, including hippopotamus, rhinoceros, antelope, lions, tigers and primates from this fatal disease.

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University of Florida
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United States
Andrew Allison, PhD
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Infectious Disease