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In humans, chronic pain can be worsened by unpleasant sensations and relieved (at least partially) by pleasant sensations. Researchers will evaluate whether sensory nerve processing is affected in cats with osteoarthritis pain, using minimally invasive electrodiagnostic tests to compare nerve conduction in affected cats and healthy control cats. The team also will study the behavioral response and electroencephalogram (EEG) activity of cats exposed to different types of pleasant and unpleasant sensorial stimuli (such as exposure to citrus smell, light of different colors, different sound intensities or repeated touch). Identifying pleasant or unpleasant sensory experiences that could be used to relieve chronic pain will provide a noninvasive and drug-free strategy to improve the quality of life for cats with osteoarthritis.

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University of Montreal
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Aude Castel, DVM, DACVIM
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