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Hydroxyethyl starch is a commonly administered intravenous colloid fluid administered to horses undergoing colic surgery. Colloid therapy helps maintain vascular volume, blood pressure and cardiac output to prevent organ dysfunction. However, little is known if hydoxyethyl starch helps or hinders circulation at the tissue level during surgery. Researchers will evaluate blood flow at the capillary level as well as blood pressure and cardiac output before and after administration of hydroxyethyl starch in horses under anesthesia for emergency colic surgery. The team will use a noninvasive videomicroscope that allows direct visualization of the microcirculation in the patient, including capillary blood flow. Microcirculation is important for tissue oxygenation and perfusion and can have an impact on proper healing and recovery from surgery. Findings will help guide intravenous fluid protocols for horses with surgical colic to maximize positive post-operative outcomes.

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The Ohio State University
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United States
Margaret Mudge, VMD
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Gastroenterology (Liver, Stomach, Intestinal Tract)