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In the United States, upper respiratory tract disease is a common cause for euthanasia of shelter cats. The disease also impacts the health of all cats and can contribute to chronic upper respiratory problems. Chronic cases often are compounded by secondary infections with viruses such as feline herpesvirus 1 and caliciviruses. Trying to pinpoint which bacteria are directly associated with the disease has been challenging as a cat’s microbiome (a collection of microbes that live inside and outside the body) is strongly influenced by its environment and naturally varies between cats and even in the same cat over time. Researchers will look at the bacteria living in the upper respiratory tract (eyes, nose, and mouth) of cats with chronic disease and compare their microbiomes to healthy cats that share the same household. Understanding the function of similar groups of bacteria between sick and healthy cats may help identify new monitoring methods, disease risk factors and potential new therapy targets to manage this complex disease.

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Oregon State University
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United States
Brianna R Beechler, DVM
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Infectious Disease