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Serious infections in adult horses and foals can be life-limiting and remain a significant challenge in veterinary medicine. The overuse and/or misuse of traditional antibiotics to treat these infections can lead to antibiotic resistance, making treatment even more difficult. Researchers will study the antimicrobial properties of a promising new product called platelet lysate and its potential to successfully treat infections in horses without concurrent use of traditional antibiotics. Earlier studies suggest platelet lysate exerts a powerful, broad-spectrum, antibiotic effect on many bacterial species responsible for equine infections. The team intends to perfect the manufacturing process of platelet lysate to increase its effectiveness, identifying specific elements that contribute its success. These are critical steps toward making platelet lysate a more broadly available product for use in clinics and veterinary hospitals, adding a much-needed tool in the fight against antibiotic-resistent infections in horses.

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The University of Georgia
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United States
John Peroni, DVM
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