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Inflammatory bowel disease is a significant medical problem affecting captive maned wolves. Researchers will characterize and identify key gut bacteria in maned wolves living in zoos and in the wild. The team also will obtain data on diet, health and pedigree along with housing conditions, all of which can influence gut microbial diversity. Finally, researchers will evaluate the effects of diet (captive versus wild) and genetic relatedness (based on pedigree) on gut microbial diversity and gastrointestinal health. Findings will serve as an important foundation for the development of probiotic diets for maned wolves and other conservation canid species to enhance their care and well-being as part of the Species Survival Plan network.

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Smithsonian Institution
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United States
Nucharin Songsaen, DVM, PhD
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Gastroenterology (Liver, Stomach, Intestinal Tract)