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Tuberculosis (TB) is a serious public health risk that could severely affect the health and well-being of endangered elephants. Elephants have the potential to spread highly infectious TB among elephants, as well as to and from other exotics and humans. Earlier detection of TB in elephants would greatly improve the control and spread of this disease and would allow TB treatment to begin immediately. Researchers will compare three molecular detection techniques to the current diagnostic method. The findings may provide a screening test that would provide for early detection of TB and would have the ability to reduce the likelihood of a false-negative result. Instituting these molecular techniques into the USDA protocol for annual testing of elephants for TB will allow much more rapid diagnosis of TB, thereby minimizing suffering, allowing earlier treatment and reducing the potential to spread the disease to other elephants.

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Colorado State University
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United States
Mo D. Salman, DVM, PhD
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Infectious Disease