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THE PROBLEM: Cancer cell therapy uses the body's immune cells to fight cancer. This therapy has shown promise in dogs, but more research is needed. One challenge is that the current way to expand immune cells could be more effective.  

THE PROJECT: Researchers have generated artificial antigen-presenting cells to switch on and boost immune cell function to address this issue. The team plans to use these cells to create a robust and reliable method to expand immune cells and generate enough potent immune cells for dog cancer therapies. 

POTENTIAL IMPACT: Researchers hope findings will make cancer cell therapy more effective in dogs and give dog owners access to advanced cancer treatment options for their pets similar to those available in human medicine. More targeted and effective treatments may translate into improved patient outcomes and enhanced quality of life for dogs suffering from cancer.   

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Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine, Virginia Tech   
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United States
Krit Ritthipichai, DVM, PhD   
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