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Immune thrombocytopenia (ITP) is a severe bleeding disorder of dogs in which the immune system destroys normal blood platelets, small blood cells and critical components of proper blood clot formation. Dogs with ITP have decreased platelets secondary to immune destruction, which in turn can lead to severe and sometimes life-threatening bleeding. Immunosuppressive drug therapy is a cornerstone of treatment but often results in unwanted side effects. In this study, researchers will develop a test to determine if premature platelet aging (called desialylation) leads to early platelet removal in dogs with ITP. Treatment with Tamiflu, which inhibits desialylation, is an effective, safe alternate therapy in some human ITP patients. The team will determine whether similar medications that inhibit platelet aging also could serve as safe and effective therapies for dogs with ITP.

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Iowa State University
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United States
Austin Viall, DVM
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Hematology (Blood)