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Up to 62% of horses undergoing colic surgery may develop a life-threating complication called postoperative ileus (POI). POI is a functional disorder of the intestine, characterized by decreased bowel motility for prolonged periods following surgery. This complication has a reported mortality rate as high as 86% in horses. However, much of what is known about this condition in equine patients is extrapolated from rodent and human-derived data. Researchers will study inflammation in the intestines of horses undergoing colic surgery to better understand why some horses develop POI and why some do not. Findings will help improve our understanding of functional changes specific to horses that develop POI post-surgery and may inform the development of novel therapies and preventive measures for the species.

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University of Edinburgh
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United Kingdom
Zofia M. Lisowski, BVSc, PhD
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Gastroenterology (Liver, Stomach, Intestinal Tract)