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Avian cholera causes mass die-offs of waterfowl and other bird species and may be a particular threat to endangered bird species that inhabit coastal wetlands. The precise drivers of avian cholera outbreaks are not known. However, evidence suggests disease outbreaks are seasonal and avian cholera is spread by certain carrier bird species. To better understand drivers of disease spread and outbreaks, researchers will analyze about 20 years of collected data from coastal ecosystems in the United States, including weather, avian cholera outbreak data points and the presence of different bird species in the area. This will allow the team to precisely identify seasonal conditions that drive avian cholera outbreaks as well as endangered bird species most at risk. Findings will be used to help predict and mitigate the risks of future avian cholera outbreaks. This project also will be serve as a blueprint for studying bird diseases using big data, and to train promising new researchers in analysis of wildlife data. 

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Infectious Disease