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Tank was my unicorn.  He was the perfect gentleman, always a good boy.  Sweet as could be and never left my side.  He loved to snooze on the couch and lay outside under a tree in a nice cool shady spot.  He traveled with us everywhere.  He loved everyone.  He was a quiet guy, never made a fuss and only barked with good reason.  He was the cleanest dog I have ever known, probably because he was not too fond of bath day.  He loved when baths were finished and we played the dry off towel game.  Hiking in the forest, on the beach, by a river, by a lake, he was always up for a walk or a hike.  Off leash manners were amazing.  Like I said he was my unicorn, this kind of dog only comes once in a lifetime!

My Best Buddy
Truly Special
Super Cool Guy

Remembering and honoring you every day, in many different ways

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Rudy the cutey, Tank's "brother", always in our hearts! We miss you little man! Our special guy, our funny funny clown!

Sandra Bond
Sandra Bond

Sandra Bond donated in honor of Tank

Sandra Bond
Sandra Bond

Donated in honor of Tank

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