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He is me. One mind. Never had to say a word - he knew every gesture, every thought. And he trusted me, always. I wish I could have cured him. I will always regret that. People say how lucky he was because he was a rescue, in bad shape at the time. They don't know, I was the lucky one. 

Missed Greatly
Beloved Companion

Remembering and honoring you every day, in many different ways

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Gary Nesbitt donated in honor of Kato

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Gary Nesbitt

Donated in honor of Kato

The journey through grief is different for everyone, but we know support, community and sharing stories help make the experience one of remembrance, renewal and even celebration of the life lost. We hope you find comfort in the memorial you’ve set up for your companion and encourage you to share with family and friends so they can show their love and support.
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