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My sweet girl I don’t even know where to begin . Josie was a very sick puppy from the time she was born, I never gave up on her she was born with congenital kidney disease due to poor breeding. This girl was my heart and soul, Josie peacefully went over the rainbow 🌈 bridge last Sunday. I am more heartbroken 💔 then I ever could imagine . She was only 2 years old. I will miss your cuddles and face washes, I will miss every ounce of your silly, crazy little self you were definitely one of a kind and I’m glad I had you to take care of because who knows what would of happened to you. You became best friends with Holly and you didn’t miss a beat together she misses you more then ever. Thank you for being her best friend. I know in my heart ♥️ you are at peace. I never gave up on you until you told me it was time you never let me down. I will make sure that I won’t let you down and you will get your justice. Josie did not deserve this  I’ve truly never been more heartbroken. I took care of this little girl straight to the end.  I will miss you always and thank you for loving me for the little bit of time that I had you but I will miss you the rest of mine you were truly the sweetest little girl. I love you Josie. You truly fit your name perfectly and knew it…. You were a good fighter and fought a tough battle also, I feel so bad for Holly she lost 2 siblings in 5 months but she definitely is getting lots of extra attention and love and keeping her mind occupied. I will miss you going everywhere with me and being my sidekick. You may not be physically with me but I know your always around. 😢💔🐾🌈

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You have touched the hearts of people who never physically met you and we promise to make a difference every single day xo

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