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Diego was an awesome little boy. We found each other when he was 4 weeks old and have been together every day since. He passed away from a major seizure on December 23, 2023. I held him close and rushed to the vet but it was too late. He stopped breathing and his heart stopped. It was sudden. He had been playing around the house all week and went outside a couple of days when the weather was warmer. He had been to the vet the week before for his annual bloodwork. We started that morning, a Saturday, with me drinking coffee and him next to me on the sofa. Around mid-morning, he had a convulsive seizure, one he'd never had before and didn't come out of it. 

Diego loved me and I loved him. From the time I brought him home, I couldn't keep him in a crate or room that had a gate. He would climb over the gate and tear up a crate. Every time he would get out just to be near me. His favorite spot was in my lap. He was so little at first I could hold him in my hand. He wouldn't sleep on a bed that I bought for him. He would climb up the bed to be next to me. And, that is how we spent the 12 years we had together.

I bought him many toys over the years, but he had one favorite toy that he would play with. He had it for 12 years. We traveled from the time he was small. He's been to New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Maryland. He loved to travel. We would take rides in the countryside so he could bark at cows. 

He loved home. No matter how far we travelled he loved going home. He could always tell when we were a mile or so away and would get excited. He acted like a happy loving puppy all the time. He hated when I left the house and left him home. It was a comfort always knowing he was there at the window looking for me when I came home. He would greet me excitedly, jump up in my lap, and hug and kiss me. His favorite food was chicken. His personality was awesome. When I washed my face in the morning, he wanted his face washed also. I brush my teeth and would then brush his. He loved outside on the deck and in the yard. I couldn't have ever asked for any better.

I never would have guessed December 23rd would be the last time I held him. I have a hard time believing he's gone. It has broken my heart and I miss him. 

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