Golden Retriever Lifetime Study Update



Science 101: Proteomics

In previous editions of the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study eUpdate, we’ve discussed genomics and transcriptomics, which leaves one last “omic” to tackle – proteomics. Proteomics is the study of all the proteins present in the cell, and their amounts and interactions; and attempts to create a snapshot of all these important processes in an organism.

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Deb Nash Selected as Golden Retriever Lifetime Study Volunteer of the Year

Morris Animal Foundation is pleased to announce that Deb Nash of Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, is our Golden Retriever Lifetime Study Volunteer of the Year. Deb was selected by her peers for all she does to help fellow participants and their dogs. Deb will receive her award and be recognized at Morris Animal Foundation’s annual celebration in June.

Health Tip

Ear Care

Ear infections are a common finding in the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study cohort. To keep your dog’s ears as healthy as possible, examine them at least once a week and especially after swimming or baths. The ear flap and canal should be pink and glistening and free of odor or discharge. Talk to your veterinary health care team if you notice irregularities and to learn more about routine ear cleaning and care.

Ear Care
Kaia Hero #1505

Golden Retriever Lifetime Study Retention and Compliance

The Golden Retriever Lifetime Study team uses the words retention and compliance a lot! But what do these words mean to the study, its participants and its legacy?

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