Golden Retriever Lifetime Study Update


Science 101: Transcriptomics

Transcriptomics – it’s a mouthful but it also defines one of life’s essential processes. The Golden Retriever Lifetime Study may help us learn a little bit more about the process in both healthy and diseased cells. First, let’s back up a little bit to understand what we mean by transcriptomics.

Health Tip

Did you know February is National Pet Dental Health Month?

Periodontal disease is one of the most common clinical conditions in dogs – even though it's preventable. It doesn’t just affect your dog’s mouth, but can contribute to other health problems such as kidney, liver and heart disease. Dogs in the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study are doing great thanks to their dedicated owners. Of our owners, 61% examine their dog’s teeth at least monthly, and 23% of our participants report brushing their dog’s teeth at least weekly. Keep up the good work and don’t overlook this vital component of your dog’s overall health.

Golden Retriever, Hero #1038
Golden Retriever, Hero #1226

Understanding: Immunology

The National Cancer Institute estimates that a staggering 12 million cats and dogs will be diagnosed with cancer each year, and surveys show that cancer is a major health concern of dog and cat owners. Although great strides have been made in cancer treatments in pets, the disease remains a leading cause of death in our canine and feline friends, especially as they age.

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Board member_Jay Mesinger

New Board Member – Jay Mesinger

After circling the Morris Animal Foundation for a couple years, Mesinger Jet Sales President/CEO, and golden retriever lover, Jay Mesinger has landed on the Foundation’s Board of Trustees.

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golden retriever lifetime study_kit overview

Study Kits Overview

Do you ever wonder how we manage sample collection for the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study? To help owners, veterinarians and participants submit the correct samples, the study team provides individualized kits for all study sample collection occasions.

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Coming Soon: Golden Moments in Time Capsule

The Golden Retriever Lifetime Study Volunteer Leadership Team is excited to announce the Golden Moments in Time Capsule. This volunteer-driven effort is open to all hero and supporter families of the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study who would like to participate.

This Time Capsule is a celebration of you, your beloved companions and all your hopes and dreams for the future. We are asking you to pen a letter to your future self and send it to the address below. This can be more than just a simple letter to yourself. You are welcome to include: copies of photos, locks of fur, or any small item that can be sealed into the envelope (no larger than legal-size envelope).

This letter is a wonderful way to capture favorite memories of today and set goals for the future.  What will you discover about yourself as you look back on the time you spent being a part of the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study? Your letters will be returned to you unopened in 2025.

Please submit your letter in a self-addressed, Forever stamped envelope. Place your sealed letter in an outer envelope and mail to: Golden Moments in Time Capsule, c/o Leigh Collins, 176 Tamarack Drive, Rochester, NY  14622

Submission deadline is June 1, 2018.

For questions,

Donor Highlight: Faye Silverman

Golden retrievers are near and dear to Faye Silverman’s heart. But, like so many other golden retriever owners, she’s had to face cancer.

“In May 2015, my beloved golden retriever Joey was diagnosed with inoperable hemangiosarcoma of the heart,” said Silverman. “He passed away in July 2015. With his passing, I lost one of my best friends. On the heels of losing Joey (aka Papa), one of my other dogs, Nicky, was diagnosed with lymphoma in March 2017, and then also hemangiosarcoma."