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Thanks so much for joining us for our feline behavior webinar series!


Each webinar was recorded and will be available for viewing and continuing education credit in early 2021. We’ll be emailing you more details once the platform is ready.


In the meantime, feel free to browse the resources below and be sure to download and customize your CE certificate for your records.

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Webinar 1: Inter-Cat Aggression
Dr. Mikel Delgado
Peaceable Kingdom: Using Feline Science to Increase Success of Multi-cat Households
Twitter: @mikel_maria
Websites:mikeldelgado.com, whatyourcatwants.com
Email:[email protected]
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Webinar 2: Optimizing the Indoor Feline Environment
Dr. Liz Bales
Cats in Crisis: The Facts and How You Can Help
How Cats Eat
Human vs. Cat Behavior
Minimum Cat Care
Ethical Pet Doc. & Phoebe Cat Wet Food Dish
Doc & Phoebe's Cat Co. Indoor Hunting Cat Feeder Kit
Webinar 3: Kitten Socialization
Dr. Kristyn Vitale
Improving the Cat-Human Relationship Through Proper Kitten Socialization
Instagram: @maueyes
YouTube: maueyes
Website: maueyes.com
CatSci Podcast: youtube.com/c/catscipodcast
Email:[email protected]
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Webinar 4: Senior Cat Issues
Dr. Ilona Rodan
Senior Cat Behavior
Email:[email protected]
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